Friday, April 10, 2009 Fake - Lorrie Mills

Straight up Rude. Asked for an appointment and cancelled at the last minute. Then called a few days later and asked for a last minute spot while I am on my way to a pay per view. So I head back home for an appointment that was supposed to start 2 hours later.

He didn't show up. He didn't call. And when I called his number back. He had turned his phone off. That is some foul shit considering he didn't even have to call if he knew he wasn't going to show up.

You have Been Busted - Stay away from this piece of shit Fake - WhitetigerBGSU23

He emailed me on to set up an appointment. Then he sent a text message at 1pm for a 2pm appointment. No Call at 2:20pm . So I send a text asking was he coming. One hour later, I get a text saying that he was sleep. No apology or Request to Re-Book !

Stay away from this Creep. You've Been Busted.

The Purpose of This Blog

As a massuer, I began to be frustrated by the amount of no show clients that would call and then not show or confirm an appointment then turn thier phone off. I do believe that this behavior continues because providers don't put them on blast for thier actions.

It comes down to simple respect. If you don't want the services, don't call. Don't send nasty text to those who provide and don't be an asshole. Karma is a Bitch and she has started this blog.

We Bust Fakes